When entering Tonga in Nuku'alofa you will get a 1-months-visitors-visa. Extension can be granted by the Immigration in Nuku'alofa for a minor fee.

Importing Alcohol or Tobacco is restricted to one carton of cigarettes and 2 liter of spirits.
Illegal drugs are prohibited and the import or consumption is heavily prosecuted (imprisonment up to 20 years if you carry Marihuana).

Banking / Creditcards
By now most Bars and Restaurants accept Credit Cards. They can be cashed (don't forget your PIN!), the ANZ-Bank and the WESTPAC-Bank have a ATM (which sometimes does not operate!). Make sure you have enough cash over the weekend.



Many Travel Guides mention that it is not common to give tips in Tonga because Tongans may feel ashamed. This statement is utter nonsense. Please give tips and keep in mind that many Tongans have to work for 0,50 Euro per hour.
(Please give your tip straight -directly- to the person.)

The power supply is 240 Volt. Please take along an all-purpose adapter and/or transformer.

Under- or overvoltage occures frequently.

If you roll your cigarrettes: no filters available here!

You can buy no fresh milk, only long-life-milk or milk-powder

The currency is the PaŽanga (TOP).
1 PaŽanga has 100 Seniti. Please consult the Internet and this currency-converter for your own currency. The PaŽanga is falling.