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If / when you arrive in Vava'u, this Marine Guide will be handed out to you
in a printed version (free of charge). Nevertheless you should check this web
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updates which are not available in the printed version.

Welcome to the Marine Guide of Vava'u.
We hope that we provide useful informations
and that your stay on our island will be a pleasent one!

When entering the harbour call MARINE AND PORTS (Harbourmaster, Customs) on VHF Ch. 26 -twentysix- (also transmitter-station for weak/fareaway stations). The calling-channel in Vava'u is Ch. 16.
Yachts can hire moorings on both sides of Neiafu Harbour
Main Wharf. If you choose to anchor instead, please do so far enough away from any moorings. On the western-side there are some good anchor spots toward the north. On the eastern-side there is plenty of room more to the south. Moorings rent for approx TOP$15 per night. Weekly and monthly rates may be arranged with mooring companies. Please note that every mooring in Neiafu Harbour belongs to someone! Many are not properly marked. If you don't know who it belongs to, be very wary of picking it up! Not only could the owner's boat come back and expect to find it free, but you have no idea how it's maintained or what's holding the bouy there... could be not much of anything! Four operators also rent Cyclone Moorings for the cyclone season. Neiafu Harbour is very well protected & many insurance carriers will write riders. Monthly rates during cyclone season vary by operator.
Café (waterfront) - Telephone: 70493, VHF 16
Sailing Safaris (off of Mermaid Bar) - Telephone: 70650, VHF 16
Beluga - Telephone: 70327, VHF 09
The Moorings - Telephone: 70116, VHF 72

If you are checking into the country you will need to bring your boat alongside the main Custom's Wharf on the northern end of the Neiafu Harbour. Check in with Customs M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm. They are closed for lunch, usually 12:30-1:30pm. Lunchtime, after-hours, and Saturday check-ins are available by special arrangement and for a fee.
Customs - Telephone: 70053 or 70928, VHF 16
Immigration - Telephone: 71142
Health - Telephone: 70053
Quarantine - Telephone: 70053

You will be granted a 30-day visitors visa upon entry. A second visa for 6 months: 40 TOP fee. Please contact Immigration in time (
Telephone: 71142), phone may be not working, please visit them personally..

Diesel and Petrol can be purchased from various stations around town. The easiest two on the water are:
Sailing Safaris - Telephone: 70650, VHF 16
BP Fuel (200 litre minimum) - Telephone: 70972
Please call them in advance with the amount of fuel required.

Duty Free Fuel can be purchased from BP Fuel when you are leaving Vava'u and have checked out with Customs. You will need to show proof from Customs that your check out is complete. The fuel truck can be pre-booked to come down to the Custom's Wharf to co-incide with when your boat is alongside. They have a minimum of 200 litres. They will need to know the boat name, the approx amount of fuel in litres, and the time and date to come to the wharf.
Telephone: 70972

Butane is the gas available in Vava'u. Propane bottles will be emptied for the Butane to be filled. Bottles can be refilled at Homegas in the village of Toula. You can reach Homegas either by taxi or by dinghy (& short walk). A return taxi trip from Neiafu is approx TOP$8.
Opening: Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm
Telephone: 70319

You can fill up your tanks or jerry cans at either
Sailing Safaris - Telephone: 70650, VHF 16
Melinda Sea Adventures - Telephone: 70975, VHF 16
Price per full tank is approx $15, or $2 per Jerry Can, boat wash approx $25.
Be sure to contact them first to make a reservation to come alongside. Be advised there may be additional fees for extended stays tied to the dock.