You may have the impression that here in the Pacific everything is extra easy. Well, even herethere are a few rules that should be followed,especially by the Tourist, who is a guest.      

Tonga is a Christian country and a Tourist may unintentionally overstep the borderline of good taste.
A dress is not so much a matter of showing up, it has to cover the body decently.

Please try to avoid wearing:
(except in a Hotel/Resort)
- "sexy" Hot Pants
- deeply cut gowns
- see-through material
- belly-free
- miniskirts
- Bikini-Tops or similar
- always cover the upper body (by law!)

(Avoiding intercultural misunderstandings)

If you are invited by a Tongan family to join them having a meal, be prepared to sit on the floor and to eat withyour fingers. Prior to each meal somebody says a prayer. Watch your host and follow his actions.
Tongans like to have some fun with the tourists - if any story told to you seems not very plausible, you better ask another source!



(Veneral Diseases/Aids are present in Tonga. Contraception is no subject to talk about. If you have sexual contacts in Tonga, we advice a medical checkup after you return home. (Take along condomes.)

Especially women are adviced to follow the
dressing-rules. A woman showing too much skin of the "wrong" spots may be considered as easy to get, moreover if she drinks alcohol in the public. This may cause misunderstandings which should be avoided.

Men are adviced to follow the dressing-rules as well.
Do not dress sloppy.
Tongan women/girls from a good family cannot be dated freely.

If in doubt please seek advice from the
Expatriates living in Vava'u.


If you intend to visit one of the truly marvellous church-services please wear your "sunday´s best". No short pants, shoulders must be covered.

Lesbians have no tradition in the Tongan culture and do not have a good reputation.Gay (male) life is a traditional part of the Polynesian Cultur. You may see the "Fakaleitis" (To be like a lady) on the road, in the offices and in the bars in their full outfit and makeup

Exchanging "hot" kisses is not to be done in the public.
Please avoid doing it, Tongans feel deeply embarrased and ashamed if they see it.