The weather in Vava'u is usually a few degrees warmer than in Tongatapu, because Vava´u is closer to the Equator.
The seasons are opposite to those in Europe, in June we have the shortest and in December the longest day.
Therefore Christmas is in summer and you can unpack your gifts under a blue sky in 35 degrees C
 warm air cooling down in a 32 degrees warm ocean..!

Summer can be very humid, hot and rainy, the winter is usually quite dry. There is always a lot of sun, unfortunately sometimes also strong winds and heavy rain.



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The temperatures differ between fresh 15C (at night) and comfortable 25-27 C in winter. Summer can be humid and very hot (38 C in the house). But there is always a fresh breeze from the sea.

Vava'u is placed in the hurricane-belt of the pacific, these storms are called cyclones. Cyclone-season is between November and April, during these months
we experience strong winds, sometimes frompassing-by cyclones.

Then we have a fewdays with warm rain and gale winds, almost like the spring-weather in Europe!
Do not let these informations cancel your trip to Vava'u, after all nothing is a dangerous as it sounds and we never had any human casualties from a storm.

Those storm are more "inconvenient" than dangerous.

The last serious cyclone ("WAKA") passed with his eye directly over Vava'u on New Years Eve 2001 and was devastating (Category 5).
Whole houses literally flew away and the complete harvest and all fruit trees were gone. We had no loss of human lifes, but the economical and ecological damage in this region was a catastrophy.
 More informations on Cyclone"Waka" can be found at

A direct hit from a cyclone is extremely rare, but unfortunately Cyclone RENČ hit Vava'u on Febr. 14, 2010, as a Cat 4 storm. Damage was only superficial.